Community Resources for Independent Seniors issues call for volunteers for Cazenovia Area Transportation

Community Resources for Independent Seniors – Cazenovia Area Transportation will host a Zoom call at 10 a.m. July 29, 2020, talking to CRIS CAT volunteers and the volunteer coordinator about the new ways of providing transportation to seniors and to answer questions about what it really means to be a volunteer right now.

Email for the Zoom link.

What does that mean to be a CRIS CAT volunteer  especially during this time?  

  • CRIS CAT provides medical transportation to seniors 55 and older who live in Cazenovia, Nelson and Fenner
  • Medical transportation can be to an eye doctor, dentist, podiatrist, general practitioner…
  • We are not transporting any senior that has symptoms of COVID
  • Commitment is your choice. You can check out the schedule for who needs a ride and decide if you can help that day for about two hours or not respond at all
  • You are not required to volunteer
  • You can volunteer every day, every other week or just once in a while
  • We do not bother you to volunteer but rather put it out to the group until filled
  • CRIS provides you with extra face masks, hand sanitizer and car sanitizer
  • We are asking our passengers to sit in the back seat of your car
  • The scheduler will ask all the COVID-related questions to the passengers so volunteers do not need to worry about it
  • You would be helping seniors get to essential healthcare appointments because they do not drive and have no other form of transportation
  • You will be helping to keep a senior at home and in our community

Why do we need so much help now?  

  • Most of our volunteer drivers are seniors themselves and are at a higher risk. These seniors have helped the community by providing all of their medical transportation. We are down to a drastically low number of volunteers and are expecting to have an increase in missed appointments to make up very soon.  
  • An application and screening process is required to be a volunteer because we care about our passengers.

For more information, visit, call 315.655.5743 or join us for the Zoom Q&A.

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