Hosted by: North Country Regional Ag Team

Part 1: Pasture First Aid for Drought Recovery, Thursday, July 30

• A Livestock Perspective – Betsy Hodge (15 min)
• Getting the Most out of the Rest of the Growing Season ? and into 2021 – Kitty (25 min)
• Setting up Pastures for Long Term Recovery – Kitty (12.5 min)
• Emergency Forage Planting Options for Late Fall & Early Spring – Joe Lawrence (15 min)
• Q & A

Part 2: Stored Forages: Winter Feed Supply Beyond the Drought, Tuesday, Aug. 4

• Managing the Remaining Growing Season (recap of planting/ harvest hay cuttings) -Joe Lawrence (20 min)
• Corn Silage – Getting the Most Out of Your Harvest in a Drought Year (20 min)
• Forage Inventory Management: Assessing What You Have and Plan for Winter Accordingly – Ron Kuck (20 min)
• Q & A
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