Parking issue evolves into high-speed chase through neighborhood; Utica police drawn into pursuit after hit-and-run

Alexander Walker, 24, of Utica, was charged by Utica police with third-degree fleeing an officer in a motor vehicle, obstructing governmental administration, reckless driving and was issued more than 40 tickets for violations of state vehicle and traffic laws after a simple parking matter escalated into fleeing, damage to public property and a high-speed pursuit.

At approximately 6 p.m., Aug. 9, 2020, an officer detailed to Oneida Square requested two vehicles parked in a no-parking zone to move their vehicles. Both operators complied without incident; however, as they were doing so, the driver of a black Maserati struck the other vehicle.

The officer then requested that both operators provide the required information to complete an accident report. Almost immediately, the driver of the Maserati sped from the scene. Another nearby officer attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver failed to comply and a pursuit was initiated.

The pursuit continued through Oneida Street, over additional streets, until Cottage Place, where officers monitoring the pursuit came into proximity with the vehicle. At this time, the driver of the vehicle lost control and spun around, now facing the opposite direction.

Police believed that the operator was concluding the pursuit and stopped their vehicles to exit and attempt to apprehend the driver; however, the driver accelerated at high speed toward the police car, striking it and damaging the passenger front side before again fleeing.

The pursuit continued until Lincoln Avenue, where it was estimated that the vehicle was going in excess of 100 mph. Due to the extreme safety issues, the pursuit was discontinued.

Within moments, concerned citizens contacted dispatch and advised them that a male in a black vehicle had just approached them in their rear yard and offered to pay them for hiding him from the police. Officers arrived within moments and located the same male attempting to conceal himself in a nearby rear yard; the vehicle in question was located in a driveway close to this.

Investigation revealed the vehicle was reported stolen in Poughkeepsie and that the male had outstanding warrants from various jurisdictions.

Additional charges may be levied.

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