Tenney issues statement on USPS issues; says she committed to help it improve and thrive

“I have been a strong supporter of USPS through my life and in Congress. The Postal Service must survive, but to do that it must adapt. It will require additional investment and innovation to achieve greater sustainability, and I am committed to ensuring it gets the resources it needs.

“I firmly believe the Post Office is both a Constitutionally created and necessary service. It is the great equalizer for small businesses, allowing them to compete effectively in the marketplace, and a vital lifeline for many of its customers. The Postmaster General’s decision to pause delivery and service changes is welcome to maintain high-quality and timely operations in a time of great need.

“For the Postal Service to succeed in its mission, many necessary upgrades and innovations need to occur to continue effective and efficient service for USPS’ customers, as have happened over the years.”

By martha

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