Roberts: Tenney “did more for us than anyone…by a factor of 10”

Matt Roberts, the co-founder of Sherrill Manufacturing, which makes the only flatware still made in America, has endorsed Claudia Tenney for Congress.

Tenney, an advocate for made-in-America policies and companies, championed Sherrill’s U.S.-made products in the media and directly to President Trump. In 2017, Tenney authored and championed the “SPOONSS Act,” legislation that requires the Defense Department to prioritize American products like Liberty Tabletop flatware in procurement.

“When [Claudia] got into Congress, she went to bat for us,” Roberts said. “She did more for us than anyone in government by a factor of 10. Claudia Tenney is a doer, not a talker. She will be the person who can work with Trump to get jobs here. Because of everything she’s done for us and the way she works, I support Claudia Tenney 100 percent. She’s going to fight for you.”

Tenney had Roberts and other company officials invited to the White House in 2017 and 2018, giving them the opportunity to speak directly to the president about the need to make quality products right here at home.

With Tenney’s support, Liberty Tabletop flatware was twice featured in the White House’s Made in America Showcase.

Tenney also helped Liberty Tabletop to promote its quality utensils in the national media including Fox Business Channel in 2018.

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