Time is running out to complete Census forms

Time is running out for you to complete the 2020 Census. You have until the end of the day

Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020. If you haven’t yet, you can still respond to the Census online, by phone or by mail.

Census workers are also in the process of going door-to-door to visit residents that have yet to respond and confirm data that was submitted using an address instead of a Census ID number.

The Resource Center for Independent Living, Inc., is working to ensure that everyone is counted in the 2020 Census so our community receives the vital funding it needs for the next 10 years. The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the importance of completing the 2020 Census so that our community receives the funding we need for healthcare, education programs like Head Start and college tuition assistance, public transit, disaster assistance, and hundreds of other programs.

It only takes a couple of minutes and can be filled out online at my2020census.gov using your home address or the Census ID number that was mailed to you. The Census can also be completed by phone in many different languages.

To begin, call 844.330.2020.

You matter; your response to the 2020 Census will have an impact on local programs for the next 10 years. Make sure you are counted; visit my2020census.gov.

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