Madison County Sheriff Todd Hood and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office remind motorists to not text and drive. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is promoting a distracted-driving awareness enforcement initiative Oct. 8 through 12, 2020.

Distracted-driving is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle crashes nationwide. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office will participate in the nationwide effort to reduce distracted driving crashes that often result in needless death and injury; in order to help reduce the number of overall crashes in Madison County and promote voluntary compliance with the law, the Sheriff’s Office will be deploying dedicated traffic enforcement patrols.

The dedicated traffic enforcement patrols will be targeting motorists who commit handheld device violations in addition to other observed violations commonly associated with distracted driving.

Money obtained through the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee grants fund the dedicated traffic patrols.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office encourages motorists to focus attention on driving to keep themselves and community members safe.

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