The Canastota High School Entrepreneurship class had an opportunity to talk with the sustainability strategy manager at Google and gain valuable business insights for their hands-on virtual business operation, TECRAID.

Business Teacher Bob Esposito invited Ted Briggs to meet virtually with his entrepreneurship class Friday, Nov. 20, allowing students to explain their venture and ask questions about real-world applications of what they are learning.

“Anytime you find yourself in a situation where you’re not quite sure you’re cut out to be there, you just try to keep moving forward and try to learn as much as you can,” he told the class. “As long as you have a learning mindset, you can get through a lot.”

Briggs first connected with Esposito last year while completing his MBA at Cornell University. He went on to intern at Google and was eventually hired there.

“I was looking for someone in the college arena so my students could see the next level of their work and ask some questions and get some feedback,” Esposito said.

Students operate TECRAID as a live school-based business, with Esposito serving as CEO. Enrolled students interview for positions in sales, accounting, HR, technology, community relations and marketing. They work throughout the year to sell virtual products, utilize virtual money, and keep their venture profitable.

The class participates in virtual trade shows and competitions each year with other virtual enterprise programs across the region and country. This past summer, TECRAID was named Northeast Region Firm of the Year for their operation, which continued throughout the spring school closure period.

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