ARISE Child and Family Service, Inc., is currently accepting submissions for the UNIQUE 2021 Art and Literary Magazine and extending an invitation for you, a family member, friend or client to submit an application.  UNIQUE is an Art and Literary Magazine that shares the artistic visions and voices of individuals with disabilities. UNIQUE represents the power of art to express, educate and inspire.  Art comes in many forms and the creative work published in UNIQUE includes poems, paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, computer-based art and mixed-media works.

ARISE will accept submission forms for literary or visual art pieces accompanied by three to four photographs of the art until April 19, 2021. Do not submit your actual piece of artwork during this time. If your visual art piece is accepted into the exhibit, you will be contacted with instructions on how and where to submit your piece. With this letter you will find the submission packet which includes the following details:

  • Timeline for UNIQUE
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Required release forms
  • Information if you would like to make your piece available for sale.

Complete the application packet and e-mail or mail with three to four photographs of your visual art piece or a copy of your literary poem/piece to: UNIQUE Magazine, c/o ARISE, 635 James St., Syracuse, N.Y. 13203.

Application packets can be downloaded from

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Bill Pfohl at 315.671.5438 or email

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