The Madison County Youth Bureau is now accepting funding proposals from community-based non-profit organizations, public agencies and Madison County municipalities to provide services to the youth of Madison County during the second half of 2021. These programs will fall under New York State Office of Children and Family Services Youth Development Program funds distributed through the Madison County Youth Bureau for programs operating from July through December 2021.

Eligible programs must provide community-level services designed to promote positive youth development and respond to locally identified youth needs in Madison County. Applicants should reference the Youth Bureau’s Teen Assessment Project Survey Report to review current youth data as well as the RFP Program Guidelines and Appendices to reference parameters of funding and expectations. Both documents are found on the Madison County website on the Youth Bureau webpage.

Applicants should also consider providing services, opportunities and supports for youth who have had their lives changed by COVID-19. Youth are eager to be involved in activities that are interactive and engaging, connecting youth with each other and with caring adults and assisting youth who may have been challenged by their new learning environment. Madison County youth could benefit from supports that do not currently exist in some communities, such as peer tutoring and career or outdoor exploration activities. 

Eligible programs must be outcome-based and provide quantifiable and verifiable indicators by which program performance will be measured. All programs seeking funding must track outcome measures for the service, opportunity and support the program is addressing.

Proposals for seasonal funding must be submitted to the Madison County Youth Bureau by noon, Friday, April 2, 2021. No proposals received after this date/time will be considered. Instructions and the electronic proposal are available at the Madison County website under the Youth Bureau webpage at

All those interested in submitted a proposal must contact the Youth Bureau Director, Tina Louis, (315) 366-2574 or by noon, March 19, 2021. All questions should be directed by e-mail to by noon March 19. All answers to questions raised will be posted to the Youth Bureau webpage by the end of the business day March 22, 2021.

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