The Oneida Community Mansion House and Kenwood Benevolent Society are announcing its “Preserve the Mansion House” matching funds campaign. Coinciding with “National Preservation Month,” this special fundraising campaign gives OCMH friends and supporters the opportunity to double their donations up to $75,000 from May 1 through 31 by visiting

“We made the Mansion House our top priority this year with a $75,000 matching commitment in recognition of this critical moment for the building’s infrastructure,” read a statement released by KBS Board. “We hope our gift spurs others to make the Mansion House one of their philanthropic priorities for the year to preserve the legacy of this significant building.”

OCMH has developed a multi-year strategic plan to address the Mansion House infrastructure issues documented in two recent architectural and structural engineering reports. This 10-year initiative is estimated to cost more than $6.5 million and will cover critical work to preserve the Mansion House building, parts of which have stood since 1861.

“We are grateful to Kenwood Benevolent Society for this gift,” said Christine O’Neil, executive director of OCMH. “Their generosity, combined with the gifts of our other supporters, allows us to begin phase one of the Mansion House preservation plan with vital roof repairs.”

Donations made to OCMH between May 1 and 31 are eligible for matching up to $75,000, including contributions by mail, phone or online.

This campaign coincides with National Preservation Month. To mark this event, OCMH will host free tours and a virtual program examining the preservation of the National Historic Landmark building. For more information, visit

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