Did you drop out of school and not receive your high school diploma? Are you thinking about getting your high school equivalency diploma (TASC), previously known as the GED.?

The Canastota Public Library along with Madison County Reads Ahead, a not-for-profit adult literacy service, have a program that helps people study for the TASC. This program is free and confidential. Many people who have received their high school equivalency through this program then go on to achieve more in life through additional college or trade school programs or by obtaining a better job. Program participants must be at least 18 years of age and must not have a high school diploma.

After an initial evaluation, either tutoring or remote tutoring can be scheduled. Students receive free, weekly one-on-one instruction from a well-trained, dedicated tutor.

There is also some good news related to earning your high school equivalency diploma: If the student passed a Regents exam while still in school, the student has automatically passed the TASC test requirement for that subject.

If you or someone you know is interested in earning their high school equivalency through the TASC tutoring program, contact Canastota Public Library Literacy Coordinator Donna Bocketti at dbocketti@gmail.com or call Donna at 315.345.1640 or MCRA Director Tara Truett at ttruett@midyork.org or call 315. 345.1468.

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