The William G. Pomeroy Foundation has officially started accepting online applications for Legends & Lore marker grants beginning today, Monday, Aug. 16, through Monday, Oct. 11, 2021.

This application cycle is the last round of funding for Legends & Lore markers in 2021. Established in 2015, Legends & Lore was developed by the Pomeroy Foundation to help local communities commemorate their unique legends and folklore and to promote cultural tourism with roadside markers.

“From folk heroes and lake monsters to prohibition wine hidden in beehives, numerous communities across the country are bringing their local stories to life with Legends & Lore markers,” said Deryn Pomeroy, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Pomeroy Foundation. “The community impact is clear. Markers help educate the public, encourage pride of place and promote economic activity.”

Legends & Lore grants are available to 501(c)(3) organizations, nonprofit academic institutions, and local, state and federal government entities in the following states: Alabama, Connecticut, Idaho, Louisiana, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont and West Virginia.

Grant funding covers the full cost of a Legends & Lore marker, pole and shipping. To view complete program guidelines, eligibility and details about how to apply online, visit the Pomeroy Foundation’s Legends & Lore webpage.

Is Legends & Lore not yet available in your state? The Pomeroy Foundation is currently seeking partnerships in new states with folklore organizations, folklore-related academic departments and/or state supported councils/agencies to evaluate grant applications and raise program awareness. Help bring Legends & Lore to your state and visit the Legends & Lore partnerships webpage for details, benefits and eligibility.

In addition to Legends & Lore, the Pomeroy Foundation offers marker grant programs with themes spanning from food history to the National Register of Historic Places. Search, filter and view all of the Foundation’s funded markers and plaques nationwide with its interactive, digital map feature.

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