First-ever Fall Festival to feature pumpkin races to be held Oct. 2 in Oneida

The city of Oneida will be holding its first Fall Festival. The event is free and is being coordinated and sponsored by the Oneida Commons Vendor Mall, City of Oneida Police Benevolent Association and the Oneida Parks and Recreation Department.

This event will premiere the city’s first-ever downhill pumpkin races.

Pumpkins will be raced in four age groups: 5 to 8, 9 to 12, 13 to 17 and 18 and over. It is free to participate in the races, and medals will be given for winners in each class.

Rules for pumpkin racer construction:

  • Must be a pumpkin
  • Maximum width of 18 inches, including axels
  • No motors of any kind
  • No pushing or helping pumpkins during race
  • Maximum wheel diameter of 12 inches
  • No fabricated chassis
  • No mounting of any kind (e.g., skateboards, strollers, toys, etc.)
  • No bumpers or cages
  • No sharp objects, explosives or pyrotechnics

Those pumpkins not adhering to the specified rules will have an unfortunate demise. For more information and videos of sample pumpkin racers, visit the Oneida City Police Benevolent Association’s Facebook page.

In addition to the pumpkin races, there will be plenty of kids’ activities like bounce-houses and face painting.  There will also be live music, food and craft vendors with a wide array of interesting fall-inspired crafts and displays.

This event, beginning at noon on Oct. 2, is a fantastic way to kick off the fall season.

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