Free webinar series, Registration required
Tuesdays until December 14, 2021 
12:30-1:00PM EDT
Register here 

Have you…

  • been working with the farm transition cow program but want to know more about the how, what and why?
  • wanted to improve the transition cow performance of your herd but need to know where to start?
  • wanted to increase the skills you bring to the farm or your farm employer?
  • been wondering where you’ll find the time to attend a course or workshop?

If so, this webinar series is designed for you! The webinars are short, to the point, and just 30 minutes. Grab your lunch and join us. Generous sponsors have enabled us to offer this series free of charge. More information can be found on their website. One registration provides access to all the webinars in the series.

Topics include:

  • Transition Cow Nutrition
  • Feeding the Transition Cow
  • Selective Dry Cow Therapy
  • Facility Considerations
  • Calving Considerations
  • Post Calving Monitoring
  • Evaluating Transition Management

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