Chittenango Mayor Elizabeth Bough Martin issued the following statement regarding a home invasion that occurred Dec. 9, 2021, outside the village:

“Earlier Thursday, Dec. 9, 2021, individuals broke into a home outside Chittenango and shot at the occupant. Chittenango police officers responded.

“Three individuals were taken into custody by the Chittenango Police Department. Shortly after the first apprehensions, the remaining individuals involved were taken into custody outside of the village by Chittenango police officers in coordination with other police agencies.

“No shots were fired by Chittenango police officers.

“Chittenango police pursued the suspects in accordance with the Chittenango Police Department rules of engagement.

“The Chittenango Police Department seized drugs during the apprehension. An investigation into the incident by the Madison County Sheriff’s Office is ongoing.

“I would like residents to know that the Chittenango Village Police Department followed protocol and communicated with the Chittenango School District throughout the duration of the incident.

“The village is committed to transparency to the residents; Chittenango is not alone in seeing an increase in violence in our community. We are very grateful to the fast response of our Chittenango Police Department. It was their quick arrest of the individuals involved that prevented any further violence.”

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