E-bike, e-scooter, and hoverboard batteries may cause fires or explosions if handled improperly

New York Attorney General Letitia James warns New Yorkers of the potential dangers caused by electric bike (e-bike) batteries and offered tips on how to safely handle them.

Additionally, the Office of the Attorney General generated an informational flyer about e-bike safety tips, which is available in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Bengali and Haitian Creole. Most e-bikes, as well as e-scooters and hover boards, use powerful lithium-ion batteries that store more energy and are more likely to catch fire than a typical battery. In 2021, e-bike and e-scooter batteries tragically led to 79 injuries and four deaths in New York City. If the proper precautions are taken when buying, maintaining, storing, charging and disposing of these batteries, accidents can be avoided.

“E-bikes are a valuable resource for many hard-working New Yorkers, but they can carry safety risks if not used properly,” James said. “That is exactly why it is so important that they are used carefully. While it can be tempting to search for deals or overlook problems, no convenience is worth your safety or your life. Taking all proper precautions can protect yourself, your family, your property and everyone around you.”

James recommends consumers take the following steps when using e-bikes:

  • Buy your e-bike and battery from a trusted manufacturer.
  • Maintain your battery by carefully checking it from time to time.
  • Store your battery in a safe place.
  • Charge your battery using only the cord and power adapter provided by the manufacturer.
  • Dispose of your battery at a battery-recycling location. Putting batteries in the trash or recycling them at home is unsafe and illegal. Visit gov/batteries to find places that can safely dispose of them.

For more information about e-bike safety tips, visit the informational flyer provided in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Bengali, and Haitian Creole by OAG.

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