State police announced the results of a Jan. 17, 2023, speed enforcement initiative along the New York portion of U.S. Highway 20.

The one-day corridor project is a multi-state effort targeted at reducing speed-related crashes on non-interstate highways. The campaign was created by the Iowa State Patrol and state police joined eight other participating states.

State police and local law enforcement agencies stepped up patrols during the morning and evening drive times; 25 troopers from Troops A, C, D, E, G and K issued a total of 178 citations and gave 41 warnings; 104 citations issued were for speed.

U.S. Highway 20 spans 3,365 miles coast-to-coast. New York state has jurisdiction over 372 miles of the highway, which is also part of New York’s Scenic Byway. This is the first time New York participated in the campaign. Other participating states included Iowa, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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