The Oneida City Democratic Committee is looking for candidates to run in the upcoming 2023 elections. The Oneida City Democrats value transparency and fairness in the candidate endorsement process.

The committee is looking for candidates for the following offices:

  • Common Council Wards 1 through 6 (one for each ward)
  • County supervisors Wards 1 through 3 and Wards 4 through 6 (The county supervisors each represent their wards at the Madison County Board of Supervisors.)
  • City chamberlain (The chamberlain is responsible for collection and custody of all public funds belonging to or handled by the city, including property taxes, water and sewer rents, special assessments and earnings from various city departments.)
  • Mayor

A map showing ward boundaries can be found at

Each of these offices is for a two-year term. The general election is Nov. 7, 2023; the term of office is Jan. 1, 2024, through Dec. 31, 2025. 

The Oneida City Democratic Committee will provide mentoring and other support to our endorsed candidates throughout the election season.

For more information, contact Committee Chair John Nichols, at 315.525.8689.

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