By Karen Nowak

(Brookfield, NY – Jan. 2013) We were approved by The Jockey Club again this year for participation in the National Thoroughbred Incentive Program for the show and classes listed below.

Madison County Fair Open Horse Show, July 14:

1. High Point English Pleasure Thoroughbred: $25 prize money

2. Thoroughbred English Pleasure W/T Class

3. Thoroughbred English Pleasure W/T/C Class

Classes – Ribbons for first through sixth places will be provided for each class.

High Point Awards – For each High Point Award, a high point ribbon will be provided.

Prizes and Prize Money – Prizes will be provided for each high point award and division. Prize money will be provided as set forth above.

Only Thoroughbreds that have been registered with The Jockey Club or a foreign Thoroughbred stud book recognized by The Jockey Club are eligible to participate in T.I.P. classes and awards.

NEW for 2013: Riders and owners should obtain a T.I.P. number for all horse/rider combinations. T.I.P. number applications are done online at T.I.P. numbers must be provided to the horse show. Hard copyKaren Nowak (2) forms will also be provided to shows.

Karen Nowak began showing hunters in her teens and later in life expanded her horizons to ridden dressage and driving. For the past 20 years she has owned, bred and shown Hackney Horses, which are a critically endangered breed. She is currently the president of the Brookfield Riding and Driving Association.

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