Owens Nominates Eaton’s Clark

(Town of Eaton, NY – Jan. 2013) Congressman Bill Owens announced Jan. 8 his nomination of 21 students to service academies. Alexander Clark, a senior at Morrisville-Eaton, received a nomination to The United States Military Academy at West Point.

A Member of Congress can nominate students to attend an academy if the students meet eligibility requirements and submit a detailed application. The four service academies that accept nominations include the Air Force, Army, Merchant Marines and the Navy.

“America’s military academies accept some of the best, brightest and most committed students from across the country who have committed to serve,” Owens said. “I look forward to watching these young Americans do great things, and I commend them and their families on this significant achievement.”

“Academically, Alex challenges himself to take courses that pushed him,” said Superintendent of Schools Mike Drahos. “He has taken honors courses in English and social studies. He is a member of the National Honor Society and was selected as one of the top two males in the junior class to usher at last year’s graduation.

“As a student citizen, he has participated in a number of volunteer activities. One example was his giving up a week of his winter break to travel to Louisiana to help in the rebuilding efforts that still remain from the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Katrina.”

Drahos said Clark is active on numerous sports teams and is well-liked by his fellow students.

“I am sure his focus and effort will help him to be successful,” Drahos said. “His father, Richard, has served multiple times in Afghanistan, and Alex is well aware of the sacrifice and expectations that await him in the service of his country. I am confident that Alex is up to that challenge, and on behalf of the entire Morrisville-Eaton learning community congratulate him on his nomination.”

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