(Wampsville, NY) The Madison County Sheriff’s Office has announced that a listing of the top ten most wanted individuals has been added to the Sheriff’s website, www.madisoncountysheriff.us, then clicking on the “Most Wanted” tab. As each person is arrested, the site will be updated to reflect the capture.

With this new tool, Sheriff Allen Riley noted that, “this list creates an easy opportunity for our community to become informed about fugitives who are believed to be in the area. The combination of law enforcement efforts and greater community awareness should allow for timely arrests of those featured.”

Sheriff Riley and the members of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office have been fully committed to community partnerships and clearly understand many crimes are solved because local citizens are willing to get involved, and make the call to notify law enforcement of criminal activity.

With the Top 10 Most Wanted added to the website and viewable on any computer or mobile device, Sheriff Riley is asking that anyone with information on the whereabouts of those featured to call the Sheriff’s Office at (315) 366-2311. All calls will remain confidential.

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