To the Editor:

(Town of Lenox, NY – Feb. 2013)  The Great Swamp Conservancy is the grateful recipient of a $1,250 grant from the Canastota Community Chest.  These funds help to pay for the Quail Project.  The GSC has been raising and releasing Bobwhite Quail in our area in the hopes that they will repopulate.

Even though this was originally their northernmost region, with the last one being spotted in 1893 outside of Chittenango, the GSC is trying hard to restore this beautiful species.  The GSC grows and manages different habitats to encourage the restoration of this species along with other grassland birds.

The generous donation and constant support of the Canastota Community Chest aids and assists this project and is greatly appreciated.

Michael J. Patane, President/CEO, Great Swamp Conservancy, Lenox

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