Pictured are Elizabeth Smith Miller and Anne F. Miller  (Libby Anne) Peterboro’s women of history.Libby Anne on Lap cmp

(Peterboro, NY – March 2013) Peterboro’s own Elizabeth Smith Miller, daughter of abolitionist Gerrit Smith, will be recognized with two events featuring her contribution to women’s health and safety with the creation of the bloomer costume.

The committee that organizes the annual bloomer tea for Miller’s birthday event will present the Peterboro Children’s Tea for accompanied children ages 3 to 13 on March 23 at 2 p.m. at the Smithfield Community Center, 5255 Pleasant Valley Road.

The annual In the Kitchen Tea on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 22 will feature Amelia Bloomer history. The Peterboro bloomer brigade also intends to participate in the annual Women’s Rights Conventions Days in Seneca Falls in July.

On Sunday, June 16 at 2 p.m. Debbie Shattuck, Rapid City SD, will share her doctoral research on the history of women’s baseball  with its origins in the Medieval era and describe  the Peterboro women’s baseball team which was one of the first organized women’s baseball teams in the nation. Anne Miller, daughter of Elizabeth Smith Miller, was the captain of the team.


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