(Wampsville, NY – April 2013) Join Madison County Health Department during National Public Health Week, April 1 through 7, to help make our communities healthier by taking simple steps that can help you and your family live longer and healthier. Our individual health is closely linked to the public’s health – the health of the community in which we live, work and play.

Many diseases and deaths are preventable through easy steps. National Public Health Week is a time to encourage citizens to realize what they can do to improve their lives.

“We need to recognize that improving our county’s public health can be done with small changes to our daily routine,” said Dr. John Endres, Madison County Board of Health president. “From making healthy choices like being active and drinking more water, to protecting our children and ourselves from secondhand smoke, we can all make a difference in helping people live healthier and longer lives.”

“It is the citizens of Madison County who are making a real difference in our community by committing to healthier behaviors for themselves, their children and families,” said Public Health Director Eric Faisst. “That is why we are one of the healthiest counties in New York. It takes an entire community making small, positive changes in their lifestyles, which helps make our community even healthier.”

During the week of April 1 through 7, daily, small steps will be highlighted on the National Public Health Week website at www.nphw.org. Visit the website today and apply just one small step to move you forward toward a healthier lifetime.

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