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(Morrisville, NY – April 2013) On March 21 the Morrisville Lions Club met at Crouse Community Center in Morrisville. This has become an annual event for the club and dates back at least 30 years to when the Club would visit the old Gerritt Smith Infirmary in Eaton and cook pancakes for the residents and staff.

The old infirmary closed over 20 years ago but thanks to Town Supervisor Tom Ciarrocchi, a new facility was built in the Town of Eaton.

Times have changed; now the meals of the residents are tailored to their individual needs, with state regulations requiring that they be prepared and delivered by the staff. But the purpose is still the same, Lions joining together to bring some cheer.

Again this year the Lions brought Tom Hoe, his guitar and some stories heard  “round the campfire.” The Lions each brought gifts for the residents.

Don Kelley met a resident at last year’s event, and knew he liked jigsaw puzzles, so he brought him a new one.  Julie Vair has been on the lookout for bargains and brought dried flower arrangements, stuffed animals and lap throws that her mom knitted.

Carts were loaded with those gifts and many more as we went from person to person. Some folks hadn’t heard these were gifts from our club, and would say they had no money, then smile when we assured them it was a gift, and picked out a stuffed animal for a grandchild, or a wreath to hang on their door, or hand lotion, or a crossword puzzle book.

Each year it’s also about renewing old friendships.  Friends made there, and friends who find themselves there, maybe for just a few weeks of rehabilitation after surgery.

But mostly it’s about the smiles. The  smiles of the staff; the smiles of Lions when they see someone pick the gift they brought; the smile when Tom Hoe plays “Has Anybody Seen My Gal;” the smile as  a person wheels their chair down the hall, with their gift on their lap and says “Thank you.”

Our Club is growing because we are always looking for new members who enjoy bringing smiles to our community. We meet the first and third Thursday of the month, September through June, at the Fort at 6:30.

Upcoming events include: Chicken and Biscuit dinner on school Elections Day, May  21 at the Fort; Senior Citizens Appreciation Luncheon on Saturday June 15 at the Ag Center , Eaton Street in Morrisville; cooking and serving at Friendship Inn 2 at the Catholic Church in Morrisville in July; and our annual Chicken Barbeque in August.

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