To the Editor:

(Brookfield, NY – April 2013) Years ago Roger Potocki accused me in a letter appearing in the O-D of smoking something that was grown in the Brookfield Hills. I had a similar reaction when I read the diatribe handed out at the Saturday meeting with its 15 boxes and many arrows.

Indeed, what are they smoking?

John, [Salka] you conducted yourself extremely well Saturday morning. I can’t say the same for an element in the audience, however. I would suggest that the agenda was probably too ambitious.  The Comprehensive Planning Committee and Town equipment issues probably merited separate public meetings. We were also disappointed that other Board members were not in attendance, although I understand there was no requirement for such.

From the predictable reaction of the gas leases to a possible banning vote in November, may I strongly state that there is absolutely no chance to change their at times irrational opinions on the topic. Having “truth meetings” between the opposing factions would be utterly futile and a colossal waste of important time. The “truth” and the growing list of dangers are well documented and as you know it doesn’t favor the gas industry.

With the present composition of the Town Board with several with either direct or indirect gas ties, we feel it is absolutely wrong under these circumstances for the Town Board to have a determining vote on the future of this Township.

Ultimately and rightfully the people must decide, as imperfectly as this might be. We have deep faith in the collective wisdom of the people living here. The vast majority of Brookfielders, I am absolutely convinced, want the opportunity to vote on the f racking issue.

A ban, which can be rescinded, is our one and only legal opportunity to decide an issue that can dramatically impact future generations who want to live out their lives in our present pristine environment. Fracking allowed would be like carpet bombing destruction in WWII. The dangers of such drilling are incalculable. Drilling would be only fool’s gold in fool’s paradise. We are counting on you to do the right thing, and I know that you know what that is.

Kindest personal regards.

Hobie and Lois Morris, Brookfield


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