Impacts on Residential Mortgage Lending

(Hamilton, NY – April 2013) Join Citizens for Safe Energy at noon Saturday, May 4, in the Hamilton Public Library Community Room for an educational presentation on the impacts of gas and oil leases on residential mortgage lending.

How do issues such as “compulsory integration” and sub-surface rights affect mortgages? This forum will focus on the potential conflicts between commonly accepted lending standards for residential properties and gas leases. The goal of this presentation is to facilitate education about and consideration of these issues.

Speaker Greg May, vice president of residential mortgages for Tompkins Trust Company, will address these concerns. May has more than 40 years’ experience in the mortgage field and oversees a staff of mortgage specialists.

Citizens for Safe Energy is composed of Madison County residents who support best practices and public policies for natural resources development in order to ensure protection of our property values, our water and air quality and the vitality of our local economy including business, tourism and agriculture.

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