Pictured are members of Trout Unlimited 680 during the April 27 Stream Clean-up event. Not pictured are Lee Cameron, Jim Longstaff, Vic and Joe Kopnitsky, Nels Youngstrom, Bill Teeter and Family and Bob Semian.

Submitted by Bob Semian

(Madison County, NY – May 2013042713 Rt.13S & Chitt Creek Cleanup) Thanks to all who volunteered Saturday, April 27, for the Chittenango Creek and Route 13S clean-up. The weather was great and, because we had such a good turnout, the task went quickly. Special thanks to Anthony and Louis Pulverenti, who went far beyond the call of duty to pick up a big, bright, heavy, yellow Post Standard newspaper box that was mangled and sitting on the far side of Chittenango Creek downstream from Olmstead Road.

There were several copies of newspapers inside dated Sept. 18, 2010, which somehow survived one heck of a journey. We have no idea how it got in, but Anthony and Louis were determined to get it out of the stream. After making a conscious decision that they were going to get wet because the water was over their boots, both of them plunged in, so to speak, and retrieved the equipment.

Upon bringing it back across the creek to the other waiting chapter volunteers, Anthony was heard to say ‘and we deliver’! Great job to Anthony and Louis … and to all who came and helped in picking up the trash … and in making a big difference in our local environment!

The group also hosted a tree planting Monday, April 29 at the Olmstead Bridge area. The trees from the state Department of Environmental Conservation were received by the chapter and had to get into the ground quickly. The effort included the planting of 1,000 Streamco Willows and 200 Dogwood seedlings.

On Tuesday, group members met at 10 a.m. at the Chittenango Fire Station to help with the annual DEC stocking of trout locally. About 2,000 2-year-old fish were introduced to the creek.

Bob Semian is volunteer publicist for Madison County Trout Unlimited Chapter 680.

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