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(Brookfield, NY – May 2013) Drivers and spectators alike will thrill to one of the wildest and most popular shows at the Madison County Fair when the Demolition Derby and Rollover competition take place on Saturday July 13 at 7 p.m.  New this year Grandstand wristbands will go on sale at 2 p.m., with seating beginning at 6 p.m. (NOTE:  Grandstand seating is limited to 1,500).

These demolition derby drivers don’t do circles; these gladiators crash, smash, and battle each other down to the last vehicle standing.  The winners of each heat (8 to 12 car battle), along with the winner of the consolation heat (a second chance for any surviving vehicle that did not win in its original heat) are eligible to compete in the feature battle.   The last vehicle running and moving in the feature heat will take home the championship trophy, cash, and qualify for the State Fair Demolition Derby.

Hang on to your seat, for the Rollover contest.  Is it a true test of courage or craziness (judge for yourself).  These drivers charge the ramps with no other purpose than to roll their car over.  The driver able to roll his car over the most times takes home a trophy and cash.

All perspective drivers, please check out the rules and regulations in our premium booklet that can be found at

Typically this event plays to a sellout crowd, mark your calendar and arrive early to claim your seat for the wildest ride at the Fair.

For More Information on Events at 2013 Madison County Fair visit us online at or Friend us on Facebook “The Madison County Fair.”



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