Dairy Judging Team part of Scotland’s Royal Highland Show

Pictured at the judging competition are, from left; Adam Hill, Scott Smith, Mitchell Ruth, Marshall Hinz, Duncan Bailey

At the Ring of Kerry, Ireland are, from left; Marshall Hinz, Scott Smith, Adam Hill, Mitchell Ruth, Duncan Bailey, Justine Deming.

Morrisville State College news

(Morrisville, NYFms-23-2013 mccmc (Scottish Judging Team) (2)Fms-23-2013 mccmc (Scottish Judging Team) (1)) Morrisville State’s dairy judging team recently participated in Scotland’s prestigious Royal Highland Show. The five-student team earned a spot in the show, Scotland’s top agricultural event, after placing second at the World Dairy Expo.

At the Royal Highland Show, Morrisville’s team judged four classes of cows and gave oral reasons on two of them. Students were scored in pairs with Scott Smith of South Plymouth and Duncan Bailey of Fillmore placing second overall.

Bailey also placed second overall with his individual score.

The Royal Highland Show, which attracts more than 150,000 visitors, featured cows, pigs, sheep shearing, food, cars and salsa dancing. Other core attractions included grand parades of livestock and equestrian events.

“This was truly a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Justine Deming, assistant professor of dairy science, who led the Morrisville dairy judging team. “Opportunities like this enable students to apply theory and classroom learning to real-world situations and also broaden their views on international agriculture while making connections with actual farmers.”

After the competition, the Morrisville team, along with 50 other 4-H, FFA and college dairy judging teams from all over the United States, toured the Scottish, English and Irish country sides. The trip also included educational visits to the Scottish Agricultural College dairy facility, Scottish National Museum of Rural Life and various grass-based dairy farms throughout the UK and Ireland.

“We came back to the U.S. with a broader knowledge of international dairy production and an appreciation of the UK and Ireland’s ability to have grass-based seasonal dairy systems,” Deming said.

The trip was sponsored by the Northeast Agricultural Education Foundation, Inc.; Lallemand Specialties, Inc.; Oriona Grove Lodge 229; Poulin Grain; Marshman Farms; the Morrisville College Foundation; various organizations and donor gifts.

Morrisville State’s team was comprised of Adam Hill of Corfu, animal science-dairy; Scott Smith of South Plymouth, agricultural business; Mitchell Ruth of Spring City, Pa., animal science-dairy; Marshall Hinz, of Fillmore, animal science-dairy; and Duncan Bailey of Fillmore, animal science-dairy.

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