Shave to Preach at Presbyterian Church

(Cazenovia) Rev. Jerald Shave, a retired Presbyterian minister will lead the worship service at the First Presbyterian Church in Cazenovia on Sunday August 25th.Worship begins at 10:00 a.m. Rev. Shave has been in the Syracuse area since 1958,ministering as pastor, therapist, Stated Clerk of the Presbytery and as a chaplain of University Hospital.

He is now the “theologian in residence” at Isaiah’s Table where a free breakfast and worship are available to all on Saturday mornings. This is a “New Mission Initiative” of a few members of the former First Presbyterian Church United. He and his wife, Carola have six children and 7 grandchildren. They are associated with the local Woodhathhope fellowship.

Rev. Shave’s message will be “The Meaning of Liff” (note spelling error).“The meaning of life would be presumptuous for a sermon title,” states Rev Shave .“But I will take some wisdom from three sections of Scripture that give us some clues about what life is all about and it is not ‘the hokie-pokie’.It is about Jesus Christ who lives in us.”

Special music, under the direction of Catharine Wheat, will be a duet by Cazenovia locals Leigh Gabor and Sharye Skinner. They will sing the modern hymn God of the Sparrow.

The children of the Sunday School will be collecting COINS FOR CLEAN WATER…to help fund the mission of Living Waters for the World.

If you are looking for an open and friendly place to celebrate Sunday morning worship, please join us at the Cazenovia Presbyterian Church. Child Care and Sunday School are available during the service. For more information contact the church at 655-3191 or

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