Humphreys 10-13(Peterboro, NY – Oct. 2013) The public is invited to join Hugh C. Humphreys directing Max Smith and the Lingo Family Singers in musical renditions for the National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum (NAHOF) inductions at 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 19 at 5255 Pleasant Valley Road, in Peterboro.

Humphreys has selected songs of the slave, the abolitionists, and the United States Colored Troops to accompany the ceremonies inducting abolitionists Elijah Parish Lovejoy, Myrtilla Miner, John Rankin, and Jonathan Walker.

As part of the ceremonies, relatives and affiliates of the inductees from California, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Ontario will participate in the unveiling of the official portraits that will hang in the Hall of Fame in Peterboro.

Smith, Max The well known and popular operatic voice of Max Smith finds its roots in Peterboro. Singing Oh Freedom, Go Down Moses, and No More Auction Block, Smith’s passionate delivery grips the audience and transports to an emotional involvement.

Smith, the acting mayor of the city of Oneida, is co-chair of Emancipation Days for the Gerrit Smith Estate National Historic Landmark in Peterboro, and has performed at NAHOF programs in the past.

The “Lingo Family Singers” are a family group located near Peterboro, consisting of Buff and Kris Lingo along with their children Karen, Skip, Becca, Robbie, and recent additions: Karen’s son Andy Zamora, and Rob’s wife Emma. They have always enjoyed singing together, but acquired their title after performing cast as a local singing family from near-by Pleasant Valley in Hugh Humphrey’s original play, “Balm in Gilead,” a story of Gerrit Smith and Peterboro’s role in supporting the Underground Railroad throughout the struggle to end slavery in the United States.

Members of the Lingo Family have sung in the choirs of Colgate, and Cornell and Syracuse University, the Syracuse and Tri-Cities Operas, the Nelson Quartet, The Talent Company, The Sherburne Music Theatre Society, as well as other drama organizations.

Rob Lingo also had the honor of being personally selected to sing the 42nd and1st Infantry Division songs along with “God Bless America” at the Division Change of Command Ceremony while on active duty in Tikrit, Iraq in 2005. He received a 2-Star coin from Major General John Batiste for his efforts.

Admission is $5. Students are free.

For more information: or 315-684-3262.


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