Veterans Mediation Program Launches

Program Trains Veterans to Help Each Other

Military veterans and their families have the same disputes as all people, but the issues are often amplified due to circumstances unique to them: post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury and long-term separation from family.

“We will train veterans to mediate for veterans and provide skill-training in partnership with veterans’ organizations in Oneida and Madison counties,” said Steve Robinson, executive director.

“Combat to Clarity: Collaborative Problem Solving with and for Military Veterans” is being funded by a $10,000-a-year grant from the Interest On Lawyers Accounts (IOLA) administered through the state Dispute Resolution Association. The grant will fund program development and implementation to provide no-charge mediation training, services and conflict resolution skill development to military veterans and families.

Partnering with veterans’ groups such as Clear Path for Veterans in Madison County, Central New York Veterans Outreach Center, Feed our Vets in Oneida county and the Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York, The Peacemaker Program hopes to reach as many veterans as possible with this new program.

Combat to Clarity is seeking veterans who wish to become mediators. Anyone interested in learning more about mediation for veterans should contact the Peacemaker Program at 315.724.1718 or

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