County Seal(Wampsville, NY – Nov. 2013) Safe syringe disposal is an issue that has once again come to the attention of county officials. Syringes (sharps) should not be disposed of in recyclable containers. Madison County provides appropriate sharps containers at no cost to residents. These containers are available at all 16 pharmacies and drug stores in Madison County.

Improper disposal of used syringes is a serious health and safety hazard to workers at the ARC Recycling Center and to the many trash haulers throughout the county.

Recently, the ARC Recycling Center on Buyea Road in Lincoln has been inundated with large quantities of syringes that have been placed in recyclable containers such as laundry soap and soda bottles. This has prompted county officials to remind residents of the need for safe syringe disposal.

The bright red sharps disposal containers are free to county residents and are clearly labeled with a biohazard symbol. Containers display a florescent green sticker with instructions on the proper disposal procedures. When the container is full it should be disposed of at one of the specially marked kiosks located at the each of the County’s four transfer stations or placed in the trash.

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