County Reports Second Flu Death

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(Wampsville, NY – Feb. 8, 2014) On Thursday, Madison County Health Department reported its second flu death this season. The death occurred in a middle-aged adult with unknown vaccination status. The individual had the H1N1 flu.

“This has been an unusually severe flu season in Madison County. The flu season is not over yet. We cannot stress enough the importance of vaccination, particularly among people with chronic health conditions,” said Cheryl Geiler, Madison County Health Department’s Director of Community Health.

Chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and asthma, and obesity are important underlying factor that often lead to more severe illness and even death from the flu.

Madison County is continuing heightened flu surveillance for the remainder of the flu season and provides weekly flu updates on flu activity on its website.

If you are sick, stay home so you do not spread illness to others. Cover your mouth with your elbow when you cough and sneeze. Lastly, use good handwashing, a key way to stay healthy-and wash up more often when you or others around you are sick.

Visit Madison County Health Department’s website for more about the flu or upcoming vaccination clinics at


2 comments to County Reports Second Flu Death

  • mike v

    no proof vaccine would prevent death or flu
    lies lies lies
    since flu shot inception many yrs ago there has been no significant numbers to say its beneficial
    wake up america

  • FrankO

    Unusual? How about backing it up with some data? Two dead people is unusual? Out of 73k people?

    What was the condition of these people other than your “unknown vaccination status” blurb. Who says vaccinations do anything? I never get them, and I never get sick…..

    People die, ok? Another stupid article telling people to cover their mouths. Guess what? Most people are filthy animals, and they don’t care if they spread their disease all over the place. Worst article of the year so far.

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