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(Oct. 2014) Over 20 states have In-Person Early Voting.  Some states keep voting booths open as long as 3 weeks. Voters or their children becoming ill, family emergencies, unexpected family obligations, after-school activities, weather, traffic, car trouble, home repairs requiring immediate attention, all impact getting to the polls.  Why isn’t NYS more accommodating in light of such unpredictable realistic situations?

The opportunity and cost to vote is among the most imperative rights and costs for all Americans.  America is the land of opportunity. One day to vote in NYS is not much of an opportunity.

People need more of a say and need more time to say it. Please support a 7 day voting week in NYS.Learn more at the website listed below and about widely unknown NYS Election Law3-110, requiring employers to pay employees 2 hours off work WITH PAY to vote.

Go to:www.unitednys.com

 Dan Melia, Rochester


By martha

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