(Verona, NY – Oct. 2014) Oneida Saving Bank announces the opening of a new educational endeavor in partnership with VVS High School.

On Oct. 18 Oneida Savings opened a limited-service branch within VVS High School, Verona. The VVS branch was instituted for educational purposes, and is intended to facilitate financial literacy, responsibility, and hands-on instruction for VVS students in a formal bank environment. It fits perfectly within VVS High School’s “stand and deliver” educational program and work-study initiatives that offer students the opportunity to gain knowledge and firsthand experience of an industry. The program is run in full partnership with the high school’s Bank Accounting class.

Oneida Savings partnership with VVS High School is in response to the school’s request for partnered learning. An Oneida Savings employee is on-site during open hours to assist the students. The branch is open three days a week from approximately 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for deposits, withdrawals and check cashing. Loans and other more complex financial vehicles will be referred to our local office in Vernon.

Eric E. Stickels, President & Chief Operating Officer states, “This is an exciting time for our Company. Our partnership with VVS High School is hopefully the first of many educational endeavors for Oneida Savings Bank. Banking is a valuable service to any community, and we look forward to providing the tools that lead to responsible and ethical financial literacy for the young people in our area.”

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