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Bill Mayers
Bill Mayers

By Bill Mayers

(Town of Sullivan, NY – Oct. 2015) So, there I am in a local eatery enjoying a bite, when a fellow patron launches into a bombastic rant about “that den of evil” a/k/a Planned Parenthood. The two guys opposite from him sat in silence, appearing embarrassed.  He went on about the agency’s alleged butchering of babies to sell their body parts.

I grew disgusted and piped up: “Sir, that is not true!”

“Yes it is, I saw the movie!” he exclaimed loudly.

“Sir, I’ve worked with Planned Parenthood…,” I began.

“I don’t care WHERE you worked!”  He was shouting now.

“No point in arguing with stupid,” said I, and turned to my lunch and newspaper.

The dude sat muttering to the guys sitting opposite him.  They said nothing.  But he wasn’t done with me.

“You said you work for Planned Parenthood? he asked. “Then you’re a murderer!”

After a pause, he said it again, louder.

“You’re a murderer!”

The other two guys got up and left, and he quickly followed.

‘What set him off?’ I wondered, especially in so public a space?  More to the point is, where did he get his twisted idea?

Oh, right: from a thoroughly discredited video clip. Several state attorneys general conducted careful, thorough investigations and found that Planned Parenthood had done nothing illegal.  I guess my excitable accuser didn’t want to hear that.

Aww… Suck it up, Buttercup!

I’d like to see him again.  I’d ask for his assistance with my math.  See, I can’t quite make out how screening women for cancer adds up to murder.  I have two professional licenses, one of which is as an x-ray technician – the guys and gals who perform radiographic exams.  I never darkened the doors of Planned Parenthood, but my clinic accepted referrals from that organization and I was among the techs who did the studies.

So perhaps the excitable gentleman could explain just how it was, by working for Planned Parenthood in this manner, that I was murdering someone.  And while he’s at it, perhaps he’d like to explain what he thinks he’s going to do about it.

William D. “Bill” Mayers RT, RN, of Sullivan is a retired senior U.S. Army Corpsman. A certified healthcare professional since 1964, he holds two professional licenses, including that of Registered Professional Nurse licensed in New York, Alaska, Virginia and Louisiana. He has four children, two stepchildren, three grandchildren and is an avid analyst of current events.

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7 thoughts on “So, Work With Planned Parenthood Makes Me a Murderer?”
  1. Just because you believe a baby isn’t a baby until it breaths air doesn’t make murder in the womb any less murder. Science has no qualms for or against the murder of anyone or everyone, so where does your belief system come from.

  2. Nobody has any problem with the good that murderers do, it’s the murders they commit that makes everything else they do worthless. In fact one could argue the only reason they are doing good things like health exams is so that they could maintain their image all the while ripping children limb from limb in the back room.
    Answer me this, why would an outfit receiving over $500 million in tax payer money annually, jeopardize that for only three percent of what they do? It’s such a small amount and they’re getting so much bad press about it. Others could do the abortions and they could just do referrals, but no – abortion is their agenda, their idol, their purpose for being. They will gamble everything to keep murdering children and to continue preaching to the world that it’s ethical. Killing innocent children seconds before they take their first breath is a grievous evil and Planned Parenthood fully supports this even if their not allowed to do it; They take our money and use it to preach to us that it is their right all the while committing murder in the back room. You better believe there is some people hopping mad about this.

  3. That, sir, is the most idiotic thing I’ve heard in the past year! For one thing, not one cent of that $500 mil is used to fund abortions. Secondly, the majority of services Planned Parenthood provides are critically important to those who receive them…those services SAVE lives! Without Planned Parenthood, those who receive those services simply would not have them. Yet there are slimesuckers out there who’d deny those women vital heath care and let them die – quite a contrast with their pretended pro-life stance. My goodness, how Christian of you, sir!

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