Morrisville State CollegeMadison County Health Department announced Morrisville State College as the winner of the 2016 Madison County Public Water System Drinking Water Taste Contest. Morrisville State College is a public water system that provides drinking water to approximately 3,450 residents.

The contest was held April 30 as part of the Madison County Safe and Secure Counties Open House.

As the winner of the Drinking Water Taste Test, Morrisville State College is eligible to compete at the Regional Drinking Water Taste Test in late August 2016. Five community water systems took part in this year’s competition. The identity of each water system was concealed from tasters who rated the best tasting water. The Village of Hamilton’s Public Water System took second place in this year’s competition.

About 68 percent of Madison County’s residents are served by a public water system. Public water systems are required to regularly test their water quality for a large range of contaminants, report their test results to the Health Department, and provide treatment to ensure the safety of the drinking water.

Drinking water varies from place to place, depending on the water’s source and the treatment it receives. Drinking water must meet required health standards when it leaves the treatment plant. After treated water leaves the plant, it is monitored within the distribution system to identify and remedy any problems such as water main breaks, pressure variations, treatment problems or growth of microorganisms. If a problem is detected, immediate retesting and corrective actions are taken, and a water system follows strict instructions on how to inform the public.

Residents served by public water systems can learn about the quality and testing of the water they use daily by reviewing their water systems Annual Water Quality or Consumer Confidence Report. The report will tell consumers what contaminants have been detected in their drinking water, how these detection levels compare to drinking water standards, possible health effects, where their water comes from, and includes any violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act standards during the year. The report must be published annually before July 1, and, in most cases, is mailed directly to customers’ homes.

Call your water supplier to request a copy of your Annual Water Quality Report, or visit their website as a copy may be available online. The contact information and website for your water supplier should be listed on your water bill.

To learn more call Madison County Health Department at 366-2526.

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