nrcsNew York Natural Resources Conservation Service announces June 17 as the application cutoff date for the Climate Change Mitigation Program funded through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program.

“I am excited about this opportunity for New York’s agricultural community to work with NRCS to apply conservation practices that will directly reduce the causes of climate change. This program will bring almost $1 million to New York to help mitigate climate change” said State Conservationist Greg Kist.

The Climate Change Mitigation Program funds conservation practices that benefit air quality, build soil quality or reduce energy consumption. Some of the practices included in this program are: Combustion System Improvement, Nutrient Management, Farmstead Energy Improvement, Cover Crops, and Residue and Tillage Management.

“Whether an applicant is looking to reduce their carbon footprint, increase carbon in the soil or reduce their energy consumption, NRCS has the tools and programs that can help. This is a great example of thinking globally and acting locally,” said Kist.

To learn more about the practices offered in this program, visit

All applications are competitive and are ranked based on national, state and locally identified resource priorities, and the overall benefit to the environment. An application that is not funded in the current fiscal year, as well as applications accepted after the June 17th deadline, may be considered for funding in fiscal year 2017.

If you are interested in applying for an NRCS conservation program please visit our web site for information on applying at

You may apply by visiting your local NRCS field office, which can be located at

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