Lemoyne_SealThe following students have made the Dean’s List for the 2016 spring semester at Le Moyne College in Syracuse. To make the list, students must achieve a GPA of 3.5 or above.

  • Nicolle Ablan, a Sophomore Theatre Arts from Kirkville
  • Aisha Aleem, a Senior Psychology from Manlius
  • Philip Allen, a Junior Finance from Syracuse
  • Aryanna Armstrong, a Sophomore Management & Leadership from Manlius
  • Ashley Atkins, a Junior Psychology from Manlius
  • Emily Beck, a Senior Communications from Manlius
  • Jonathan Becker, a Senior Marketing from Canastota
  • William Bigsby, a Senior Marketing from Cazenovia
  • Michelle Capeling, a Junior Biology from Bridgeport
  • Danielle Carlone, a Senior Chemistry from Canastota
  • Kailee Catalano, a Sophomore Biology from Oneida
  • Kally DeGroat, a Sophomore Psychology from Munnsville
  • Victoria Eshbaugh, a Sophomore Undeclared from Cazenovia
  • Melanie Fortin, a Senior Biology from Manlius
  • Mathew Gavula, a Senior English from Cazenovia
  • Shawna Gelfuso, a Senior Marketing from Waterville
  • Mark Gillmeister, a Senior History from Oneida
  • Lauren Ginocchetti, a Junior Accounting from Cazenovia
  • Alanna Glidden, a Senior Biology from Canastota
  • Kelleigh Gustafson, a Junior Psychology from Manlius
  • Sebaah Hamad, a Senior English from Manlius
  • Jennifer Hefti, a Junior Psychology from Manlius
  • Nusreta Ibrahimovic, a Junior Biology from Manlius
  • Kiersten Kennedy, a Junior Biology from Manlius
  • Miles Lawlor, a Senior History from Manlius
  • Dylan Letcher, a Junior Biology from Manlius
  • Lindsay Loeper, a Senior Biology from Cazenovia
  • Zachary McCarthy, a Senior Biology from Chittenango
  • Colton Mennig, a Junior Political Science from Morrisville
  • John Murray, a Sophomore Criminology from Chittenango
  • Joseph Murray, a Junior Biology from Chittenango
  • Aimin Naeem, a Junior Biology from Manlius
  • Amanda Ojugbeli, a Senior Biology from Chittenango
  • Gabriella Oliva, a Sophomore Biology from Manlius
  • Adam Phipps-Swanson, a Senior Computer Science from Manlius
  • Tess Robb, a Junior Psychology from Syracuse
  • Jonathan Roberts, a Junior English from Chittenango
  • Rachel Scalzetti, a Senior English from Manlius
  • Brooke Scribner, a Junior Biology from Oneida
  • Tyler Sternberg, a Sophomore History from Chittenango
  • Joshua Whaley, a Junior Biology from Canastota

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