LETTER: Fought battles and accomplishments may have to be fought again

letters to the editorTo the Editor:

For many of us that are experiencing a nightmare that started Nov. 9, 2016, it is as if America has been taken over by some type of indifferent foreign power that has taken over our modern democracy.
For all the different faiths that believe in love for the poor and needy, the well-meaning American Muslim family, the immigrant living in the shadows working hard supporting his family, and all Americans that fought and died for inclusiveness, hopes and dreams and light were dimmed after learning Donald Trump is the president-elect.

It is so sad to see Republicans that took a stand against the racist, ugly views of Donald Trump now join him to have power; in my opinion, these people are shameless. It is my notion a Trump administration will attempt to turn back the clock on a mature democracy.

So many fought battles and accomplishments that gave meaning to the spirit of the Statue of Liberty and civil rights may have to be fought again. Let’s not give up in this nightmare or close ourselves off if checks and balances can’t stop what is coming; let’s stay in the fight for what is right and what people fought for before us.

Alfred R. Waddell, Hyannis, Mass.

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