Earlville Boy Scout Troop 5 hosts Klondike Derby

Earlville Troop 5 Ice Rescue

On Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017, the Earlville Troop 5 Boy Scouts hosted a Klondike Derby event in Earlville. This was the second time in over 35 years that the Troop hosted the event. About 50 individuals registered for the event. This year there was snow for the sleds, so even though the temperatures were frigid, the Troops had a great time!  There was participation by the following five Boy Scout Troops:

  • Cazenovia Troop 18
  • DeRuyter Troop 14
  • Earlville Troop 5
  • Munnsville Troop 7
  • Sherburne Troop 66

Klondike Event Kickoff

The Earlville Ham Radio Group volunteered their time at the event, keeping track of the schedule, making sure each Troop moved from station to station in a timely, organized fashion. In addition, there were over 25 volunteers that assisted in making the event a great success! The Earlville Troop 5 Boy Scouts would like to thank the following for their contributions to the event:

  • Earlville Fire Department
  • Earlville Ham Radio Group
  • Stewart’s Shops of Sherburne
  • Gilligan’s of Sherburne
  • Golden Artist Colors of New Berlin
  • Sherburne Big M
  • Price Chopper of Hamilton
  • Village of Earlville
  • Troop Leaders of Earlville Boy Scout Troop 5
  • Parents of Earlville Boy Scout Troop 5

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