LETTER: Cat Blanket Sue

To the editor:

Fifteen years ago there was an ad in the newspaper asking for people willing to knit or crochet blankets for cats in shelters. Sue had been making blankets for years and needed both blanket makers and yarn donations.

I like to crochet and am a cat lover so I answered the ad. Thanks to many generous yarn donations and blanket makers more than 10,000 blankets have been made for shelter cats.

“Cat Blanket Sue” the nickname we gave her, passed away recently.

If you would like to help keep Sue’s mission going, either by making blankets or donating yarn contact me at 315.687.3691 (leave a message, and I’ll back to you). Yarn can also be dropped off at Wanderer’s Rest Route 5 Canastota.

RIP “Cat Blanket” Sue…Meow Meow.

Trina Kendall

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