Landfill punch cards now being sold at Madison County Clerk’s Office

Madison County Clerk Denise Roe

Solid Waste Punch Cards are now available at the Madison County Clerk’s Office in Wampsville – across the lobby from the Dept. of Motor Vehicle Office.

The County Clerk’s Office is open Mon. through Fri. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“We appreciate the County Clerk Denise Roe’s willingness to sell Solid Waste punch cards,” said Jim Zecca, director of the Madison County Department of Solid Waste and Sanitation. “This is a great fit, as the Clerk’s office, located in the County Office Building in Wampsville is centrally located and is open five days a week, which make it readily accessible to residents wishing to purchase Solid Waste punch cards.”

County Clerk D. Roe said, “The Clerk’s office is community oriented. We always try to provide essential services and selling punch cards is something we can do for the community. The Madison County Dept. of Solid Waste offers many programs that are designed to assist residents and making punch card sales more convenient to area residents is something my office can do to assist in their mission.”

Questions? Call the Solid Waste Hot Line at 1-800-721-2208.

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