Agriculture: Food For Life

Chenango County Farm Bureau receives NYS Senate Proclamation recognizing National Agricultural Day in Chenango County. (Left to right) Chenango County Farm Bureau Director, Joe Cornell, CCFB President Bradd Vickers, NYS Senator Fred Akshar, honey producer Karen Kutik, & CCFB VP Keith Vanalthuis. This year’s theme is: “Agriculture: Food For Life.”

Agriculture Day is a time when producers, agricultural associations, corporations, universities, government agencies and countless others across America gather to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by American agriculture.

Americans need to understand the value of agriculture in their daily lives. That’s why it’s important to recognize—and celebrate—Ag Day each year. By far, the most effective part of this program is the role you play in helping spread the word.

There are over seven billion people in the world and over seven billion mouths to feed. Our farmers are dedicated to feeding a growing world population. This dedication is equaled only by their commitment to protecting the land that makes it possible.

Farmers across the country live by this commitment every day. As stewards of a healthy planet, they care for the soil, their animals and the crops that provide us food, fuel and clothes.

In recognition of the many farmers celebrating Agriculture Day in New York State and especially the Chenango County area, Chenango County Farm Bureau requests that you help us celebrate this important Day.

As a producer and a Farm Bureau member who depends on agriculture for my livelihood, I believe this would be a most fitting tribute to the many farmers and/or ranchers in New York State and the county who perform their jobs with pride and dedication.

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