Today at noon: Protest to demand fair tax system, release of Trump’s tax returns

WHEN:  Saturday, April 15, Noon

WHERE:  Public sidewalk in front of Consumer Square, 4755 Commercial Drive, New Hartford, NY 13413 (We will be in front of Applebee’s.)   Marches will also be held in Albany, Syracuse, and Binghamton.  More information can be found at

WHY:  Local citizens will be holding a Tax Day protest in concert with almost 200 other tax day marches and protests around the country on Saturday, April 15, at 12 P.M.  Along with hundreds of thousands of people all over the United States and elsewhere in the world, local protestors will be demanding that Donald Trump release his tax returns once and for all.  Citizens will also be calling on Congress to oppose President Trump’s tax plan that would give the super-rich tax breaks at the expense of the middle class and working families.

Presidents and presidential candidates have shown the American people their returns for decades. President Trump promised to do so many times during his campaign. Despite the fact that millions petitioned Trump to release his tax records within days of his inauguration, he claimed “people don’t care.” A January ABC/Washington Post poll indicated that 74 percent of Americans wanted to see the president’s returns

Who:  The national tax march initiative is supported by the American Federation of TeachersAmericans for Tax Fairness, the Center for Popular DemocracyIndivisibleMoveOn.OrgOur Revolution, the Working Families Party and other organizations.  Local sponsors include the Central New York Citizens in Acton, Inc.

To become a member of Citizen Action of New York, visit

2 comments to Today at noon: Protest to demand fair tax system, release of Trump’s tax returns

  • Releasing his tax returns would serve no useful purpose.

    It would merely provide his enemies with an endless supply of false innuendos and suspicions.

    You would learn virtually nothing of any concrete value from the limited nature of the information on his tax returns.

    The “rich” pay the lion’s share of all individual income taxes, at a rate almost double their share of the total income.

    Common sense should tell you that tax breaks should be given to people who pay the most tax.

  • Kenneth Holifield

    Stephen is right releasing the tax returns would serve no purpose.

    pass the Fairtax and no one will have to show the Government ever

    their taxes because you would not have to complete any forms !!!

    Vote do your owe Research

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