LETTER: Unhappy with Tenney

To the Editor:

As the 100th day of the new regime approaches, it is time to look back on what has evolved. In the 22nd District, there are several glaring problems. The first is the poor representation of Claudia Tenney being available to her constituents. I have contacted her office several times each week, participated in several protests at her New Hartford office, and have requested evidence to support her many assertions. On 2/17 I asked for proof of “paid protesters” because of her excuse not to hold Town Hall meetings. As of 4/12 there has been no response. Also, she asserted that 90% of her constituents want the ACA repealed. When asked for the evidence…NOTHING!

On 2/13, I asked when a Town Hall meeting would be scheduled. The response…we are working on it. This response was given several times until a staffer on 3/28 said that the Capital Police had not given the permission to proceed. I contacted John Katko’s office and asked about the Capital Police being involved. That office has not heard of anything of that nature. Again only statements with no evidence to back this up.

On 2/13, Tenney announced she would hold an in-person Town Hall in Utica and Binghamton.

Congress is in recess until 4/23 which is a logical time to hold these meetings. Yet she is in Egypt but might be back in district before the recess ends. When I asked an intern when she would be back, he could not give an answer. Our tax dollars at work. She was also out of the country during the February recess. How convenient!

The list goes on, and looking at her voting record thus far, her real constituent becomes very clear…Trump. When she was in the NYS Assembly, her true colors also reveal her beliefs of being anti-LGBTQ, anti-minimum wage, anti-paid family leave. Check out her voting record at smart vote.org.

Her vote to support the invasion and sale of Internet information is yet another example of our eroding rights that the Republican party seems to believe is OK. She is right there with the party…idealogy over country. Perhaps she needs to review history and the climate that assisted Hitler’s rise to power.

And, her vote on repealing the ACA and supporting the horrific TrumpCare debacle also reveals a person who is the opposite of what she espouses to the press. It is time to hold her feet to the fire and let her know she needs to find another job because the people of this District have quickly tired of her less-than-stellar performance and the lack of informed staffers who should be able to respond with honesty unless they have been instructed to do otherwise.

Carol Coufal, Cazenovia

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  • Neale McClintock

    It is difficult to go into Congress with a party tied to your seat and not be hammered into the party line by the ranking leadership. A candidate needs a strong independent attitude and courage of his convictions to be a strong representative of his/her district. Recently, most candidates are career politicians and can not decide for their district what is right or wrong. They wait for the outside PAC money to help them make up their mind on how to vote. Sad times and I don’t know how to change this. HELP!

  • Jim Coufal

    Term limits. Get rid of citizens united. Change campign financing laws.

  • Jim Lake

    I couldn’t agree more with the writer of this letter. I am very unhappy with her “representation” of our district.

    Congresswoman Tenney’s first newsletter after being elected stated, “Upstate New York has seen vital employers move their operations overseas to avoid the high tax rate and regulatory burden.” I have asked repeatedly for a list or even the name of a single Upstate employer who relocated overseas. I got a “thanks for contacting my office” reply with no evidence to back up her unsubstantiated allegation.

    Selling out the privacy rights of the Internet users in her district and across the country was one of the votes she’s proudest of. That says a lot.

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