AFRL Information Directorate honors its people, remembers the past

Dr. Charles A.K. Kamhoua receives the Information Directorate Basic Research Award. Pictured from left are Dr. Bryant Wysocki, Chief Engineer, Col. Timothy Pennington, Deputy Director, Dr. Charles Kamhoua and Daniel Goddard, Director, AFRL Information Directorate. (U.S. Air Force/Courtesy photo)

The Air Force Research Laboratory’s Information Directorate here honored its people with its annual Heritage Day April 13 at the Beeches Inn and Conference Center, Rome, New York. Heritage Day is a time-honored tradition recognizing and honoring the men and women of the Information Directorate who were the driving forces behind some of most significant accomplishments over the past year.

Daniel Goddard, director of the Information Directorate, delivered opening remarks and presented awards. This year’s theme was “Remember the Griff” honoring past employees who cultivated the renowned legacy Rome has today.

“This year we celebrate our 100th anniversary,” said Goddard. “Today, for our Heritage Day celebration we are here to both remember those who created today’s legendary technology and to honor those Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate employees who are creating tomorrow’s legendary technology today.”

A short video recounting the Lab’s history and its legendary technologies wrapped up the afternoon.

The following awards were presented: (Named awards are based on past leaders of RADC, Rome Lab and AFRL Information Directorate)

  • Raymond P. Urtz Award – Jason A. Moore
  • John A. Graniero Award – Space Team. Dr. Mark Pugh, Francis Dilego Jr, Dr. Joseph Raquepas, Carolyn Sheaff, Peter Rocci Jr, Ryan Reed,  Dale Richards, Timothy Blocher, Marc Ohmer, Jason Moore, Robert Farrell Jr, Chad Salisbury, Daniel Carpenter, John Myers, Robert Paragi, Ryan Toner, Joshua Surman, Shelby Barrett, Dr. Erik Blasch, Christopher Diggans, Capt. Jonathan Turner, Master Sgt. Johnathan Coker and Capt. Eric Phillips.
  • Ralph I. Cole Award (Scientist/Engineer of the Year) – Steven L. Drager
  • Joseph J. Naresky Award – Dr. Qing Wu
  • Major General John C. Toomay Award – 1st Lt. Frankie A. Cruz
  • Fred I. Diamond Award – Dr. Charles A.K. Kamhoua and Dr. Kevin A. Kwiat
  • Information Directorate Basic Research Award – Dr. Charles A.K. Kamhoua
  • Information Directorate Research and Technology Team Award – Dr. Walter Bennette, Christopher Banas, Mary Farner, Gregory Horvath, Amanda Lannie, Dustin Naylor, Ryan Reed, Collen Roller, Tyler Witter, 2nd Lt. Scott Wolfmeyer and Kayla Zeliff.
  • Oliver G. Tallman Award – Charles F. Estrella
  • Harry Davis Award – Dr. Paul Alsing
  • Major General Daniel C. Doubleday Award – Keri L. Burkhart
  • Robert V. Decker Award – John P. McCanney
  • Alex S. Sisti Award – Victoria Y. Yan
  • General Robert C. Mathis Award – Tech. Sgt. Alyson C. Scull
  • Michael J. Iselo Mission Support Team Award – Terrance Stedman, Albert Santacroce, Larry Rocco, Keri Burkhart, Dori Placito and Timothy Jones
  • Warfighter Technology Transition Award – Rebecca J. Bussjager
  • Information Directorate Supervisor Award – Michael P. Hartnett
  • Information Directorate Senior Administrative Excellence Award – Jessica O. Jones
  • Information Directorate Administrative Excellence Award – Laurie J. Stafford
  • Operations and Support Excellence Award – Jennifer A. Moyer
  • Information Directorate Safety Excellence Award – Michael O. Little

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